This time VR. Yes, i’m also love that direction (VR) and I dive deeper in VR… This project was made for Military Museum in Zamosc.

2015-10-08 21:48

Selected projects from 2014-2015.

2015-06-21 12:40

Hi, long time no update, and many things happen. At 08.08.2013 with Beata Gralewska we establish company called Eractiv. Please visit our web site There You can found last works and more information about Team. Cheers 😉

2014-06-10 16:12

Client: White Kanga Real time Presentation for NC+ Mix of real time 3D animation and video sequences. I’ve done: creation, stage design, projection planning, modeling, cg supervising, some of cg animations. Producer: Remigiusz Kasztelnik TD: Arek Rekita CG Anim: Paweł Ruszkiewicz, Maciej Chmiel, Damian Zaprucki

2013-04-21 16:25

Client: White Kanga Interactive building presentation v2.0 Our goal was to build interactive presentation on moving object using two projectors I’ve done: openGL shaders, real time compositing, lighting, programming, ipad remote.

2013-01-02 22:42

Client: White Kanga Our goal was to create realtime car configurator based on kinetic mapping. I’ve done: realtime shading/lighting, parts animation, programming and ipad interface. Other parts of project done by White Kanga team.

2012-12-29 01:39

Client: White Kanga Two projectors and Kinect. My goal was to catch realistic glass effect on bottle and build interaction with installation via Kinect gestures and viewer position. I’ve done: idea, r&d, modeling, shaders, water/bubbles simulation, real time composting, programming, music and editing for movie. Other project parts like a stepper motor programming, calibration and […]

2012-11-26 00:48

Client: White Kanga Based on White Kanga’s idea I’ve do programming application for touch screens called „Gueas Assistance”. Done with TouchDesigner

2012-11-03 16:57

Client: White Kanga Mix of realtime animations with prerendered animations. I’ve done: concept design, cg supervising, parts of cg (modeling, rendering), sound fx. midi controllers programming. Credits: Producer: Remigiusz Kasztelnik/Sebastian Mikolajczak CG: Damian zaprucki, Paweł Ruszkiewicz, Rafał Bieslki TD: Arek Rekita, R.Bielski

2012-10-29 01:58

Client: White Kanga company . Together with White Kanga Team, base on my idea we build a prototype of kinetic mapping installation. Real time 3D mapping on moving object (by stepper motor) with augmented reality (based on kinect). I’ve done: idea, r&d ,lighting/shaders and programming. Other parts of project done by White Kanga Team. Done […]

2012-10-08 23:35

Client: White Kanga My goal was to build interactive projection on moving object and use ipad as a remote. I’ve done: idea, cg, programming, openGL Shaders, ipad interface. For this project I’ve created interactive component for 3D natural day/night lighting. all done with TouchDesigner

2012-07-29 00:40

Client: Human Ark The Lost Town of the Switez, 21 min long animated movie. My goal was to catch painting style in 3D animation. I’ve done: Houdini assets – Painting simulations: Fire generator, Ground-grass generator, Village generator. Lighting/shading – forest, soldiers, village, church, painted water, crowds, fire, torches and more. Supervising rendering over 100 shots. […]

2012-05-29 10:34

Play time with TouchDesigner. Real Time audio reactive animation. I’ve done: idea, programming, cg, music.

2012-05-29 00:14

Client: Alvernia Studios as a CG Supervisor I provide the Team to realize over 60 VFX shots for movies and commercials. I’ve build production pipeline base for Maya Houdini rendering, Houdini assets for production and I also do lighting and shaders for VFX shots. great Team, great place, thanks for great time there.

2010-08-29 14:26

Video shortcut from presentation of a game prototype. VDF is a new kind of music game where a player starts to be a musician. With a help of my friends I’ve built working prototype using TouchDesigner. This project is still under development. At the moment I am rebilding prototype to improve game play. Hope to […]

2010-05-30 20:38

25.03.2009 Beginning of my journey with 3D mapping. Prerendered sequences (Houdini) combined with procedural animation made in TouchDesigner. All mapped in real time on virtual building (Warsaw, Krolikarnia) My goal was to build a pipeline for real time 3D mapping. Yellow visual is procedural audio reactive and it’s also done in TD. Thanks for photos […]

2009-03-30 19:25

CG Demo 2008 from Rafal Bielski on Vimeo. CG Demo 2000-2003 from Rafal Bielski on Vimeo. My old demo reels commercials, tv openers, bumpers, animated movies, VFX shots and others. Maya, Mental Ray, Renderman, Aftereffects, Nuke. my actual email adress is:

2008-05-30 21:44

Client: Odeon Film Studio as a cg artist with Odeon’s Team I realize several commercials, Some of them can be found in my 2008 CG Demo. I’ve do Texturing/Lighting/Shading. also as a cg lead I’ve working on „Karaluchy” animated movie. Scene modeling, texturing, lighting and shaders using Maya and Renderman Studio (Slim, I miss you…)

2006-05-30 22:09